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Tollsmart Toll Calculator

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Ever wish Google Maps or MapQuest displayed how much tolls cost? Now you can quickly find out using the Tollsmart Toll Calculator app. Tollsmart is the only Android app that calculates toll costs across all tunnels, bridges and toll roads* in the US & Canada, and includes discounts from all ETC (transponder) agencies such as E-ZPass, SunPass, TxTag and FasTrak. Tollsmart now supports all vehicle sizes up to 9-axle tractor trailer trucks, buses, RVs, etc.PLEASE NOTE REGARDING PRICING: The purchase price provides for unlimited searches returning a route calculation and up to 2 alternative routes for 2-axle passenger vehicles. Support for trucks, RVs and commercial vehicles requires a monthly subscription after a 7-day free trial period. TRUCKERS: TO ENSURE ACCURATE PRICING PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE ALL VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS INCLUDING HEIGHT, WEIGHT & WIDTH
Tens of thousands of people are now using Tollsmart to:- Budget for toll expenses on upcoming trips- Find alternate routes that will save them money- Calculate travel expenses for business expense reports- Submit deductible travel expenses on tax returns
*Dynamically priced optional managed lanes that allow you to bypass traffic for a fee, such as Express Lanes or HOT Lanes, are not supported in this version.
If you are traveling with a transponder you can select it from the comprehensive list of transponder accounts in the Options menu and Tollsmart will apply the appropriate discounts, as well as highlight which toll facilities along your route accept your transponder (green push pin) and which will not (purple push pin). Cashless toll booths are highlighted in red push pins. Please note for E-ZPass accounts it’s important to select the state in which your transponder account was acquired (i.e. NY E-ZPass) as discounts may not apply across other states, even those that are also part of the E-ZPass network.
Specials discount plans, such as those for commuters, seniors, veterans or Green drivers are not supported in this version.
In certain states, such as California, one may open a Pay-By-Mail account for repeated use at discount prices, as opposed to paying a one-time fee. Please note that this version of Tollsmart provides only one-time entry prices, it does not support Pay-By-Plate and Pay-By-Mail accounts.
Some toll fees vary by day of the week, time of day or season. The prices for each toll are quoted for the expected time of passing through a toll based on when you entered your route in Tollsmart.
Note that some toll facilities allow you to pay with a credit card, but additional service charges may apply. Also, some toll facilities are now cashless and utilize video tolling technology to bill via the mail, and additional service fees may apply, as well as fines if pay-by-mail is not supported.
We strive to include every known toll road, bridge and tunnel in the country, however as there are new tolls being introduced all the time we ask that if you come across a toll we’ve missed or an outdated price please let us know by sending us a message on the Tollsmart Facebook page or directly from the app by tapping “Send Feedback” and we’ll do our best to correct it immediately. This will benefit the whole Tollsmart community.
**A special note on toll roads in Oklahoma: some of the Oklahoma's Turnpikes have an unusual system of reimbursing for travelled distance after an initial toll payment. Moreover, the electronic gantry system in some cases operates differently from the cash system, in that the electronic system charges per distance travelled, while cash system charges a flat rate at certain gantries. Because of that, Tollsmart will calculate the toll fees for both systems (cash and electronic) based on the place of entry and exit to a given road and the pins dropped on the map may not coincide with the actual locations of toll gantries.